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Henry Salt (1853-1939) was the author of the Life of Henry David Thoreau, Animals Rights and A Plea for Vegetarianism which inspired Gandhi for follow a vegetarian diet.

Killing for Sport

by Various Writers, Henry S. Salt (Editor), George Bernard Shaw (Preface)

Killing for Sport by Various Writers
Title:Killing for Sport
Publisher:George Bell & Sons Ltd., London
Edition:First Edition Reprint
Other Editions:
  • 1914: First Edition
  • Contents

    Preface by G. B. Shaw. Covers hunting, including hunting of carted deer, rabbit coursing, pigeon shooting, trapping, and fishing, in relation to cruelty (G. Greenwood, 1-33), agriculture (E. Carpenter, 33-34), cost (M. Adams, 45-59), game laws (J. Connell, 69-84), economics (W. H. S. Monck, 60-8), destruction of wildlife (E. B. Lloyd, 85-94), fox hunting (H. B. M. Watson, 95-100), big-game hunting (E. Bell, 101-15), blood sports at schools ("by an old Etonian," apparently H. S. Salt), 116-29. In H. S. Salt's important essay "Sportsmen's fallacies," 130-46, he analyses and critiques 13 sophisms used by hunters who claim that hunting is justified because: (1) hunters have a God-given instinct to hunt; (2) animals hunt other animals; (3) it is necessary to control animal populations; (4) it adds to the national food supply; (5) it helps the economy; (6) it develops courage, manliness, virility; (7) hunters enjoy it; (8) the hunted enjoy it; (9) the animals would rather live a happy life and be shot rather than not exist at all; (10) hunters save species from extinction; (11) hunters, because of extensive hunting experience, are specialists who know more about the issue of hunting than do its critics; (12) death from hunting is less painful than natural death; (13) shooting a predator eliminates the suffering the prey would otherwise have experienced.


    George Bell & Sons Ltd., London, 186 pages, 1914 - War-Time Edition

    (Further printings 1915 and 1917)