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Henry Salt (1853-1939) was the author of the Life of Henry David Thoreau, Animals Rights and A Plea for Vegetarianism which inspired Gandhi for follow a vegetarian diet.


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How can I become involved?

We welcome any assistance - please contact us via the Contact Page - we will reply to you within a couple of weeks. You may also contact John Edmundson at humanitarianleague@outlook.com - especially if you wish to become involved in The Ernest Bell Library.

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Is the second edition of Henry Salt's Seventy Years Among Savages available in any format?

Open Gate Press acquired the rights to the unpublished second edition of Seventy Years Among Savages when they purchased Centaur Press from Jon Wynne-Tyson. They have not published any of the planned Kinship series which would have included Salt's second edition.

What is the name of Kate's “terrible-tempered Russian protegée” as referred to on page 165 of George Hendrick's Henry Salt Humanitarian Reformer and Man of Letters?

Helen C. Pogosky who was born in Russia around 1874. She is listed on the Furnessia passenger list as arriving in Glasgow on 25th April 1897 from New York. BMD record a Helen K. Pogosky death in Jan-March 1952 aged 78 in Brighton.

Where can I buy a copy of Henry Salt's A Plea for Vegetarianism and Other Essays which influenced Gandhi?

Unfortunately the book is long out-of-print and is very difficult to obtain second-hand. Surprisingly it has not appeared on print-on-demand yet. However, to aid researchers we do have a transcribed copy in pdf format provided strict conditions are agreed.

What is your response to the criticism on the Edward Carpenter Forum?

We've had several people notify us of the comments on the ECF website. We have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for Edward Carpenter and the ECF is an outstanding website and is amongst our favourites. However, their attack on Salt, apart from being totally unjust and grossly offensive, does no credit to them or more importantly the memory of Edward Carpenter. In their defence the original insult was by Mr Tsuzuki, and as there hasn't been a Salt biography published in the meantime the claim has gone unchallenged for a long time. Our priority is to complete our Archive of Salt material, then we'll respond in full.

Has the manuscript of Salt's The Philosophy of Failure been found?

Unfortunately not and the only reference to it that we are aware of is in Hendrick's Henry Salt (see page 166). Could it have been a classic example of Salt's self-deprecating humour?

I have an original Henry Salt book, how much is it worth?

We do not give values. Books should be read and appreciated for their content not their price tag, and we are delighted that print-on-demand has made many of Salt's book affordable again.

Where did Salt live?

In short, many, many places, here are some:

1871: The Close, Lichfield, Staffordshire (Boarder)
1885: Gorse Cottage, Tilford, Surrey
1889-1891: 38 Gloucester Road, Regents Park, London
1891: Oxted, Surrey
1895: 20 Holbein Buildings, Chelsea, London
1901: 11 Holbein Place, Chelsea, London
1904: Crockham-Hill, Kent   
1911: Horsleygate, Holmesfield, Sheffield
1921: 19 Highdown Rd, Brighton
1932: 21 Cleveland Rd, Brighton
1939: 15 Sandgate, Brighton

Is Henry related to Henry Salt (14 June 1780 – 30 October 1827) the English artist, traveller, diplomat, and Egyptologist.

We've never been able to find any family connection. Henry's grandfather, Thomas Salt, was born in Rugeley in Staffordshire which is ten of miles from Lichfield where Henry Salt (the Egyptologist) was born.