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Henry Salt (1853-1939) was the author of the Life of Henry David Thoreau, Animals Rights and A Plea for Vegetarianism which inspired Gandhi for follow a vegetarian diet.

Moultrie Family of Shropshire

Henry Salt's paternal grandmother was Harriet Moultrie from Cleobury Mortimer in Shropshire.

Moultrie Surname

This name is now mainly Scottish in origin, and can be found in the variant forms 'Moultrie', 'Moutray' and 'Mutrie'.  For more informatin visit SurnameDB.Com

The Scoto-Norman name of Moutray, originally written "Multrer" and "Multrare" is said to have been introduced into Scotland in the reign of Malcolm III., about A.D. 1060.

"Moultray of Seafield and Roscobie" by Marquis de Ruvigny and Raineval gives a detailed history of the Moultray and Moultrie families. "Moutray" by John V Beck was published in 1980 but we've not be able to obtain a copy.

Moultrie's of Shropshire

"Moultray of Seafield and Roscobie" provides information on Harriet Moultrie, Henry Salt's, grandmother and her parents George Moultrie and Harriet Fendall.

George Moultrie, the vicar of Cleobury Mortimer in Shropshire, was the third son of John Moultrie of Aston Hall. John Moultrie was born in America and served as Lieutenant-Governor of East Florida and remained loyal during the Rebellion of 1778, before returning to England. He succeeded to Aston Hall, Shropshire, in right of his second wife.

John Moultrie's younger brother, William, joined the Colonists and quickly rose to the rank of General. He successfully defended Fort Moultrie (so named after him) against a ten-hour attack of the British Fleet.

In the 1996 edition of Cleobury Chronicles (Vol. 4) by the Cleobury Mortimer History Society there is an article on the Moultrie Family of Rugby and Shropshire. The article includes a photo of George Moultrie and it includes information provided by the late D. H. G. Salt.

One of Henry Salt's uncle's was christened George Moultrie Salt, and two of his grandchildren also carried the 'Moultrie Salt' name. Salt also stayed with the Moultrie family in Rugby during his childhood.

Further Information

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