Henry Salt Archive

Henry Salt (1853-1939) was the author of the Life of Henry David Thoreau, Animals Rights and A Plea for Vegetarianism which inspired Gandhi for follow a vegetarian diet.

Salt Family of Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Both of Salt's parents were born in Shrewsbury, and Henry spent much of his childhood in his grandparent houses there.

Salt Surname

This name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is an English locational surname from the town of Salt in Staffordshire, recorded as "Selte" in the Domesday Book of 1086, and as "Salt" in the 1167 Pipe Rolls of that county. The name derives from the Olde English pre 7th Century "selte" meaning a salt-pit. At the beginning of the century there were salt works within two miles of the town. For more informatin visit SurnameDB.Com

Salt's of Shrewsbury

Henry Salt's grandfather, Thomas Salt, was born in Rugeley, Staffordshire in 1793. Rugeley is situated approximately ten miles south-east of the town of Salt. It is not know when or why Thomas Salt moved to Shrewsbury but on the 21 August 1821 he married Harriet Moultrie at Saint Julian's church in Shrewbury. The marriage produced 15 children with Thomas Henry Salt, Henry Salt's father, being born in 1825. Thomas Henry Salt was a Lt Col in the Royal Artillery. On the 18 August 1850 he married Ellen Matilda Allnatt of Shrewsbury in Calcutta, India. Henry Shakespear Stephens Salt was born on the 20 September 1851 in Nynee Tal, India. On the 20 December 1852 Henry Salt's sister, Ellen Maude Elizabeth Salt, was born in Shrewsbury. Sadly she died aged two.

With Salt's father away on army duty, Henry Salt lived with his mother at the Allnatt family home at No. 23 The Crescent, Shrewsbury, which was just a minute's walk from the Salt family home at 6 Quarry Place. Overlooking both homes is St Chad's Church which Henry Salt mentioned in one of his autobiographies.

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