Henry Salt Archive

Henry Salt (1853-1939) was the author of the Life of Henry David Thoreau, Animals Rights and A Plea for Vegetarianism which inspired Gandhi for follow a vegetarian diet.

Poems of Nature

The Times, November 15, 1895

A small volume of Thoreau's POEMS OF NATURE, selected and edited by H. S. Salt and F. B. Sanborn (John Lane), is also welcome, though the poetry of the New England transcendentalist and recluse will never rank so high as the prose records of his impressions of external nature. Thoreau was half a poet, but only half; he had the feeling, the thought, in a high degree, but only a small measure of the gift of metrical expression. Still, out of all he wrote in verse there is enough good lyrical and meditative poetry to fill a small volume, so that the editor's task has not been in vain.