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Henry Salt (1853-1939) was the author of the Life of Henry David Thoreau, Animals Rights and A Plea for Vegetarianism which inspired Gandhi for follow a vegetarian diet.

Colonel Coulson - The Animals Friend

Colonel Coulson was one of the first men of standing who lent their support to the Humanitarian League.

Excerpt from Newcastle Daily Journal 29th May 1914:

Colonel Coulson statue in Newcastle

No more fitting memorial of the late Colonel W L Blenkinsop Coulson than that which now stands in the Haymarket, Newcastle and which the Lord Mayor of the city (Mr Johnstone Wallace) will unveil today at half past 12 could be desired. Colonel Coulson was a staunch, fearless friend of animals, as his life's work testified. All forms of cruelty were in fact abhorrent to him and he never spared himself when able to do anything to mitigate or prevent it. Lack of water is frequently the cause of suffering by animals, and a drinking trough serves a useful purpose.

The memorial takes that form. On the west side water will flow continuously from the head of a lion, in bronze, into a large trough for the use of cattle and horses. Whilst on the other side dogs will in like manner, be provided for. Upon a plain, substantial base, has been place a bronze of the colonel, by an eminent French sculptor, M Arnold Rechberg. There is below an inscription which reads, “William Lisle Blenkinsop Coulson, 1841 – 1911. Erected by public subscription in memory of his efforts to assist the weak and defenceless among mankind and in the animal world”.

Monument to W.L.B. Coulson

William Lisle Blenkinsopp Coulson (1840-1911)

On the opposite side of the monument has been inscribed the following quotation, “What is really needed is an all round education of the higher impulses, true manliness and womanliness, justice and pity. To try to promote this has been my humble but earnest endeavour and until there are more generally aroused the Legislature is useless. Nor is it able to make laws”. W.L.B.C.

Note: This page was originally published on the Newcastle Community News Internet magazine.

For more information on the monument see the Public Monument and Sculpture Association National Recording Project.