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Henry Salt (1853-1939) was the author of the Life of Henry David Thoreau, Animals Rights and A Plea for Vegetarianism which inspired Gandhi for follow a vegetarian diet.

Kith and Kin: Poems of Animal Life

by Various Writers, Henry S. Salt (Editor)

Kith and Kin: Poems of Animal Life by Various Writers
Title:Kith and Kin: Poems of Animal Life
Publisher:George Bell & Sons Ltd., London
Edition:First Edition


Selection of 85 poems, some abridged, reflecting kinship of humans and animals. 56 writers, including W. Blake, E. B. Browning, R. Burns, Lord Byron, S. T. Coleridge, W. Cowper, O. Goldsmith, L. Hunt, J. Keats, H. W. Longfellow, A. Pope, P. B. Shelley, R. Southey, H. D. Thoreau, W. Whitman, W. Wordsworth. "Where the non-human races are concerned - birds perhaps excepted - the treatment of animals in verse has been almost as bad as their treatment in actual life."