Henry S. Salt

Henry Stephens Salt was an English writer and campaigner for social reform and the rights of animals. He was an ethical vegetarian, socialist, and pacifist, and was well known as a literary critic, biographer, and naturalist. It was Salt who  influenced Mahatma Gandhi’s study of vegetarianism.

Henry Stephens Salt
Henry Salt - Humanitarian Reformer

When I say I shall die, as I have lived, rationalist, socialist, pacifist, and humanitarian, I must make my meaning clear. I wholly disbelieve in the present established religion; but I have a very firm religious faith of my own—a Creed of Kinship I call it—a belief that in years yet to come there will be a recognition of brotherhood between man and man, nation and nation, human and subhuman, which will transform a state of semi-savagery, as we have it, into one of civilisation, when there will be no such barbarity of warfare, or the robbery of the poor by the rich, or the ill-usage of the lower animals by mankind.

Henry Salt


Ernest Bell

Ernest Bell (1851–1933) was a publisher, author and a prominent animal rights campaigner. He was Chairman of the Humanitarian League, President of the Vegetarian Society and co-founder of the League for the Prohibition of Cruel Sports. He spent much time on the administration and fund-raising for three main reform causes: vegetarianism, humanitarianism, and animal welfare.

Ernest Bell - The Animals' Friend
The Savour of Salt: A Henry Salt Anthology - George and Willene Hendrick

The Savour of Salt: A Henry Salt Anthology

This selection offers insights into Henry Salt, the humanitarian reformer whose thinking was so far ahead of his generation, the biographer and critic whose essays and books were highly influential and the poet whose wit and perception could “turn a rhyme and overturn a fool”.

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