This section is intended to help researchers quickly and easily determine whether we’ve a particular book, essay, or review in our archive.

We are currently working towards making our entire archive available online, with the exception of his books. If a non-book item is listed on our Collection page, researchers and students may request a copy if an online version is currently not available.

Also included, on the Wanted page, is a list of Salt’s writings that we currently do not have. Salt wrote for many journals including: Humanity, The Humanitarian, The Humane Review, Justice, Progress, To-day, The Nineteenth Century, Temple Bar, Seed-time (The Fellowship of the New Life), Hygienic Review, Social Democrat, The Gentleman’s Magazine, Time, Vegetarian Review and Vegetarian Messenger. If you have access to any of these please keep a look out for essays, verses and letters by Henry S. Salt which are not listed on the site.

Whilst ever effort has been made to avoid typographical errors when transcribing the essays we cannot guarantee that they are 100% accurate. If you spot any errors please contact us. If you are engaged in academic research, you should always compare our transcription with the original published essay.