Rev. Joseph Stratton

Joseph Stratton (1839–1917) was born on 1 May 1839 at Clifton Campville, Staffordshire, the second son of John Stratton, of Clifton Campville, Staffordshire, and Anne, daughter of Edward Mousley, of Haunton, near Tamworth. He studied at Appleby Grammar School, Leicestershire; Worcester College, Oxford.

Ordained, 1870; held Curacies in Swansea, Burton-onTrent, New Barnet, etc; retired from the Church on theological grounds, 1878; returned in 1886, and became Curate of Winchfleld, Hants; interested in social questions, education, housing of the people, putting labourers on the land, management of prisons and workhouses, etc.

He was Master of Henry Lucas’ Hospital, Wokingham from 1889 to 1917. He was a member of the Humanitarian League’s campaign against hunting, and played a prominent role in the abolition of the Royal Buckhounds. In 1892 he married Louisa Cecilia Bazalgette Lucas Lucas, daughter of St. John Welles Lucas, M.R.C.S., and Louisa Bazalgette. He died on 11th January 1917, and was buried at St Pauls Churchyard at Wokingham. When the Rev. Stratton died Louisa had to leave her home of 25 years. She died on 14 February 1950, aged 96.

Reflective walks, and, when sympathetic companions are at hand, philosophical talks; fond of music, vocal and instrumental.

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