Henry Stephens Salt Timeline

August 18, 1850

Salt’s Parents Marry

Thomas Henry Salt marries Ellen Matilda Allnatt in Calcutta, India

Henry Salt Born

Henry Shakespear Stephens Salt was born in Nynee Tal, India where his father was serving in the British Army.

September 20, 1851
October 23, 1851

Henry Salt Christened

Henry Salt was christened at St John in the Wilderness, Nynee Tal, India.

Returns from India

Ellen Matilda Salt returns to England with Henry.

Spring 1852
December 20, 1852

Ellen Maude Elizabeth Salt Born

Henry Salt’s sister, Ellen Maude Elizabeth Salt, born in Shrewsbury. She was christened on March 9, 1853, at St Chad’s Church, Shrewsbury.

Ellen Maude Elizabeth Salt Dies

Henry’s sister Ellen dies at Aberystwyth

March 16, 1855
May 6, 1862

Henry David Thoreau Dies

Henry David Thoreau the American essayist, poet, philosopher, abolitionist and naturalist dies


Henry starts to Blackheath.

October 1866

Eton College

Henry admitted to Eton College as a King’s Scholar.

King’s College, Cambridge

Admitted to King’s College, Cambridge from Eton.

October 14, 1871

Browne Medallist

Awarded for annual competitions in Latin and Greek poetry at Cambridge University.

1st Class Classical Tripos

B.A. (Classical Tripos, 1st Class) from King’s College, Cambridge University


Assistant Master

Appointed Assistant Master at Eton College

Marries Catherine Leigh Joynes

Henry Salt marries Catherine Leigh Joynes, the daughter of the Rev. James Leigh Joynes, at the Church of St John Evangelists, Eton

December 22, 1879

James Leigh Joynes Quits Eton

Henry’s brother-in-law and close friend James Leigh Joynes resigns from Eton College

Henry Salt Quits Eton

Henry Salt resigns from Eton College


A Plea for Vegetarianism

Henry S. Salt’s ‘A Plea for Vegetarianism and Other Essays’ published

Percy Bysshe Shelley: A Monograph

Henry Salt’s ‘Percy Bysshe Shelley: A Monograph’ published


Life of Henry David Thoreau

Henry S. Salt’s ‘Life of Henry David Thoreau’ published

Humanitarian League Founded

Henry Salt co-founded the Humanitarian League to campaign on a range of social issues


Animals’ Rights, Considered in Relation to Social Progress

Animals’ Rights, Considered in Relation to Social Progress by Henry S. Salt published

George Bernard Shaw Marries

Henry Salt was the best man at the marriage of George Bernard Shaw and Charlotte Payne-Townshend.

June 1, 1898
June 28, 1906

Mother Dies

Henry Salt’s mother, Ellen Matilda Salt, dies in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Kent.

Father Dies

Henry Salt’s father, Thomas Henry Salt, dies in Worcester, England

Dec 25, 1907
February 16, 1919

Kate Salt Dies

Henry Salt’s wife, Kate Salt, dies at Axminster, Devon

Humanitarian League Disbands

After nearly three decades Henry Salt steps down as Honorary Secretary of the Humanitarian League, resulting in it disbanding.


Seventy Years Among Savages

Henry Salt’s autobiography ‘Seventy Years Among Savages’ published

League for the Prohibition of Cruel Sports

League for the Prohibition of Cruel Sports formed by former Humanitarian League members Ernest Bell and Henry Amos. Henry Salt was on the Advisory Committee.

March 25, 1927

Marries Catherine Mandeville

Henry Salt marries Catherine Mandeville at Steyning, Sussex

Edward Carpenter Dies

Henry Salt’s close friend, the poet and writer, Edward Carpenter dies.

June 28, 1929

Company I Have Kept

Henry Salt’s autobiography ‘Company I Have Kept’ published

Mahatma Gandhi Praises Henry Salt

At the meeting of the Vegetarian Society, Salt was honoured by Mahatma Gandhi who said, “It was Mr Salt’s book A Plea for Vegetarianism which showed me why… it was right to be vegetarian.”

November 20, 1931

Suffers Stroke

Henry Salt suffers a stroke

Ernest Bell Dies

Salt’s close friend and associate Ernest Bell (185 1– 1933) dies at Hendon aged 82

September 14, 1933

The Creed of Kinship

The Creed of Kinship by Henry S. Salt published

Henry Salt Dies

Henry Salt dies in Brighton. He is cremated at Brighton Crematorium, Sussex on April 22, 1939

April 19, 1939

Henry Salt, Humanitarian Reformer and Man of Letters

Henry Salt, Humanitarian Reformer and Man of Letters by George Hendrick published

Catherine Salt Dies

Henry Salt’s second wife, Catherine, dies in Brighton aged 93

November 1984

The Savour of Salt: A Henry Salt Anthology

The Savour of Salt: A Henry Salt Anthology edited by George and Willene Hendrick published

Life of Henry David Thoreau

The third edition of Henry S. Salt’s ‘Life of Henry David Thoreau’ published by Centeur Press