Q: Is the second edition of Henry Salt’s Seventy Years Among Savages available in any format?

A: Open Gate Press acquired the rights to the unpublished second edition of Seventy Years Among Savages when they purchased Centaur Press from Jon Wynne-Tyson. It has never been published.

Q: What is the name of Kate’s “terrible-tempered Russian protegée” (see page 165 of Hendrick’s Henry Salt Humanitarian Reformer and Man of Letters)?

A: Helen C. Pogosky who was born in Russia around 1874. She is listed on the Furnessia passenger list as arriving in Glasgow on 25th April 1897 from New York. A Helen K. Pogosky died in 1952, aged 78, in Brighton.

Q: Where can I buy a copy of Henry Salt’s A Plea for Vegetarianism and Other Essays which influenced Gandhi?

A: It’s available from a couple of print-on-demand publishers on Abebooks.

Q: What is your response to criticism on the Edward Carpenter Forum?

A: Henry Salt wrote a very respectful tribute to his very close friend Edward Carpenter in ‘Edward Carpenter: In Appreciation‘. Professor Chushichi Tsuzuki, for reasons best know to himself, appears to have taken offence that Salt portrayed Carpenter as a human being. Tsuzuki’s ‘The Last Years of Edward Carpenter’ is a very sad attempt to create controversy when none existed. George Hendrick’s Henry Salt, Humanitarian Reformer and Man of Letters gives an true account of Salt’s and Carpenter’s friendship. It’s a great pity that the Edward Carpenter Forum, which is an outstanding website, should let a truly great man, in Carpenter, down by making false claims.

Q: Has the manuscript of Salt’s The Philosophy of Failure been found?

A: No and the only reference to it that we are aware of is in Hendrick’s Henry Salt (see page 166). It is likely to have been a case of Salt’s self-deprecating humour.

Q: Where did Salt live?

A: Here are some places, unfortunately we don’t have the exact address in some instances:

Early Years: 23 The Crescent, Shrewsbury
1861: 3 Elborow Street, Rugby, Warwickshire
1871: The Close, Lichfield, Staffordshire (Boarder)
1881: Eton College, Berkshire
1885: Gorse Cottage, Tilford Road, Tilford, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 2EA
1889-1891: 38 Gloucester Road, Regents Park, London
1891: Oxted, Surrey
1895: 20 Holbein Buildings, Chelsea, London
1901: 11 Holbein Place, Chelsea, London
1904: Crockham-Hill, Kent   
1911: Horsleygate, Holmesfield, Sheffield
1921: 19 Highdown Road, Brighton BN3 6ED
1932: 21 Cleveland Road, Brighton BN1 6FF
1939: 15 Sandgate, Brighton BN1 6JP

Q: Is Henry related to Henry Salt (14 June 1780 – 30 October 1827) the English artist, traveller, diplomat, and Egyptologist.

A: No. Henry’s grandfather, Thomas Salt, was born in Rugeley in Staffordshire which is ten of miles from Lichfield where Henry Salt (the Egyptologist) was born.