Fair Treatment For Animals

Fair Treatment For Animals

Fair Treatment For Animals - Ernest Bell
Ernest Bell
First Edition
George Bell & Sons Ltd., London


This volume consists entirely of articles which have appeared in the "Animals' Friend" during the last twenty-five years. The 84 articles deal with various aspects of the animal question, including: Cruel Sports, Vivisection, Performing Animals, Zoological Gardens, Horse Racing, Juvenile Cruelty, True Education, Economics of Hunting, Animals and Theology, Mutual Aid amongst Animals, Why do Animals Exist? Play of Animals, After Life for Animals, Humaness a Matter of Sex, Women's Franchise, Progress of Humane Diet, etc. They have been printed with only slight verbal alterations where necessary.


  • For What Do Animals Exist?
  • Sympathy in Animals
  • Man's Apathy Towards Reform
  • The Chaining of Dogs
  • "The Gladsome Life"
  • Mutual Aid Among Animals
  • Our Attitude
  • Cruelty to Animals and Theology
  • Vivisecotors' Logic
  • One Large Society - No Overlapping
  • Sense and Sensibility
  • Telepathy Between Man and Animals
  • We and Other Nations
  • The Eton Hare Hunt
  • Can Animals Suffer?
  • Heaven-Sent Beasts of Burden
  • The "Manliness" of Sport
  • Fond of Animals
  • The Economics of Hunting
  • The Captive and the Free
  • Women's Franchise
  • The Uses of the Imagination
  • The Results of Wrong Doing
  • "School Pets as a Help to Moral Training"
  • Record Breakers
  • The Medical Profession and Vivisection
  • True Education
  • The Love of Animals and Men
  • Horse Racing a Cruel Sport
  • What is Cruelty?
  • Is it Cruel to Keep Birds in Cages?
  • Dog Stories
  • Is Nature Cruel?
  • What are the Rights of Animals
  • Man's Attitude Towards the Other Animals
  • Thoroughness
  • Juvenile Cruelty
  • Cats and Dogs
  • Blood Sports Again
  • The Sense of Direction
  • The Play of Animals
  • An After-Life for Animals
  • The Point of View
  • Animal Autobiographies
  • Money Circulated by Hunting
  • Prayers for Animals
  • From Jungle to Zoo
  • Reason in Men and Animals
  • Human and Sub-Human
  • Calling Names
  • Unconscious Influence
  • Women and Their Furs
  • Humaneness as a Matter of Sex
  • The Lethal Box - Its Use and Abuse
  • The Morality of Zoological Gardens
  • Unreasoning Man
  • Killing Lions
  • Bling to Their Own Interests
  • Comic and Horrible
  • Modern Medical Science
  • Demoralisng Pictures
  • The Vivisectors' Humanity and Logic
  • Do Animals Understand Death?
  • Scientific Research Run Mad
  • Dogs: Past, Present, and Future
  • The Church and the Circus
  • Sublime or Ridiculous?
  • Can Animals Think?
  • "Christian Virtues" in Animals
  • A Humane Education Society for Great Britain
  • Why Sport Must Be Cruel
  • The Fox Hunt
  • War Memorials
  • Rabbit-Coursing
  • Apologists for Cruelty
  • Plato and the Elephant
  • The Vegetarian Home for Children
  • Underpaid Humane Workers
  • The Sportsman's Plea for the Fox-Hunt
  • The Fox and His Woes
  • The Sportsman's Mentality
  • Imprisoned Animals
  • Vivisection
  • Progress of the Humane Diet Movement