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Vegetarian Reformers

Vegetarian Reformers

The Summer 2010 edition of The Vegetarian featured a short potted history of ten notable Vegetarian reformers: William Cowherd (1762-1816), William Horsell (1807-1863), Joseph Brotherton (1783-1857), Martha Brotherton (1783-1861), Anna Kingsford (1846-1888), Thomas Richard Allinson (1858-1918), Sir Isaac Pitman (1813-1897), Arnold Hills (1857-1927), Henry Salt (1851-1939) and Leonora Cohen (1873-1978).

As the Vegetarian Society freely admitted, “there’s no way we can do justice to everyone involved.” The problem with any such list is that reformers who kept out of the limelight are often totally negelected, a case in point would be Ernest Bell. Christian Vegetarianism and the International Vegetarian Union have done much in recent years to highlight some of the forgotten reformers. For our part we thought we would list some important vegetarian reformers that tend to be neglected:

We would welcome further suggestions and hope to feature some in future blogs.

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