Humanitarian League Publications


No. 1 – Humanitarianism: Its General Principles and Progress. By HENRY S. SALT.
No. 4 – The Horrors of Sport. By LADY FLORENCE DIXIE.
No. 5 – Behind the Scenes in Slaughter-Houses. By H. F. LESTER.
No. 7 – “I Was in Prison”; A Plea for the Amelioration of the Criminal Law. By ROBERT JOHNSON.
No. 8 – Women’s Wages, and the Conditions under which they are earned. By ISABELLA O. FORD.
No. 9 – Dangerous Trades. By LOUISA T. MALLET.
No. 10 – The Extermination of Birds. By EDITH CARRINGTON·
No. 11 – The Horse: his Life, his Usage, and his End. By Colonel W. L. B. COULSON.
No. 12 – A Plea for Mercy to Offenders. By C. H. HOPWOOD, Q.C.
No. 13 – The Humanizing of the Poor Law. By J. F. OAKESHOTT.
No. 14 – Literæ Humaniores : an Appeal to Teachers. By HENRY S. SALT
No. 15 – Cattle Ships and our Meat Supply. By ISABEL M. GREG and S. H. TOWERS.
No. 16 – Public Control of Hospitals. By HARRY ROBERTS.
No. 17 – The Evils of Butchery. By JOSIAH OLDFIELD.
No. 18 – The Dog: his Rights and Wrongs. By EDITH CARRINGTON.
No. 19 – The Shadow of the Sword. By G. W. FOOTE.
No. 20 – So-called Sport. By Rev. J, STRATTON, Colonel W. L. B. COULSON, and Dr. R. H. JUDE.
No. 21 – What it Costs to be Vaccinated: The Pains and Penalties of an Unjust Law. By JOSEPH COLLINSON.
No. 22 – The Sweating System. By MAURICE ADAMS.
No. 23 – The Humanities of Diet. By HENRY S. SALT.
No. 24 – The Gallows and the Lash. By HYPATIA BRADLAUGH BONNER.