Diary of Mrs Ellen Matilda Salt

Diary of Mrs Ellen Matilda Salt

Dates of principle events in my life. Written for my son.

E. M. Salt, born at Shrewsbury, Oct 28, 1824.

Married 17th August 1850, in Calcutta

1851 Henry born, Sept. 20th at Nynee Tal, India, baptised there Oct. 23rd.

1852 Returned to England in Spring

1852 Dec. 20th Maude born at Shewsbury

1854 Henry* returned to India. I went to Aberystwith.

1855 Maude died at Aberystwith, March, 16. Henry and I return to Shewsbury in Sept.

1856 In Jan Henry went to Albrighton, and went to India to Meirut.

1857 The Indian Mutiny.

1858 Returned to England, with Sir H. Durand. Lived in London from Jan.

1859 Went to Walmer.

1859 July Henry had Scarlet Fever. In August went to Dover, then to Teignmouth.

1860 Spent Spring at Dawlish. In summer went to Llandudno, and in Autumn to Rugby (3, Wiborow St. Henry went to Mr. Furness in Oct. 1860.)

1861 My father died at the Crescent, Shrewsbury.

1863 Left Rugby and went to Malvern, and Wallingford. Henry went to G. Moultrie at Reading. In the autumn went to Teignmough. Then returned to Rugby. On Dec.

1863 I went to India, and left Henry with Mrs. Venables at Rugby.

1864 In Jan he went to Blackheath

1865 Kohit, Simla. Returned to England in Nov. With Charlie Durand. Came home via Marseilles. Arrived in London Dec. 1865. Henry joined me there. He returned to Blackheath till March.

1866 I went to Rugby. In March he went to Mr. Paul. I to Weymouth.

1866 I went to Teignmouth. Henry confirmed at Blandford St. Mary’s Bishop of Salisbury.

1866 July. Went to Aberdovery. Oct. Henry went to Eton. I to Shrewsbury. Spent Xmas at Quarry Place, Shrewsbury.

1866 Spent Easter at Stretton. Midsummer at Llandudno. Henry joined us there. Went to Glanyrafon. Then to Stretton. Henry returned to Eton.

1868 Went to Ford in Nov.

1869 Went to Tenby in summer. Then to Glanyrafon. Spent winter there. Left Ford finally 24th August 1869.

1870 Henry returned to Eton

1871 Henry left for Eton, 20th Jan. 20th March I left.

*Thomas Henry Salt rather than Henry.

Ellen Matilda Salt

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