Fifty Years Among Savages

Fifty Years Among Savages

Books of adventure do not often come within the scope of the HUMANE REVIEW, but on this occasion we propose to give our readers some excerpts from an unpublished work, which we have been permitted to see in manuscript, entitled “Fifty Years Among Savages,” the author of which, though unknown as a writer, has strong humanitarian sympathies. In reading this strange narrative we have been somewhat puzzled by the lack of any precise statement as to the whereabouts of the savage people whose habits are described; it may be, however, that the absence of maps or charts is due solely to the fact that the book is not yet fully prepared for publication. We have certainly no reason to doubt the bona fides of the writer, who insists strongly in his preface on the entire truthfulness of the story; so we must leave it to our readers to supply what is missing from a geographical point of view as their own judgment may suggest. But here let the author speak for himself, and if we find a too romantic tone in his remarks, let us make allowance for one whose feelings have so long had to suffer restraint during the grievous experiences recorded by him.

[There then follows what becomes the first chapter of “Seventy Years Among Savages”]

Henry S. Salt

The Humane Review, Vol. 7-8, 1907

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