The Humane Review

The Humane Review

Edited by Henry S. Salt


Introductorythe Editor1
The Conflict Between Science and Common SenseG. Bernard Shaw3
Inhumanity in SchoolsBradley Hall16
The Dartford WarblerW. H. Hudson28
Militarism and HumanityJ. M. Robertson39
Animal Protection in FranceAtherton Curtis49
Shall Hanging End with the 19th Century?Dr. J. Oldfield58
The Kafir and His MastersRichard Heath72
Notes, Reviews, Etc77
A Dream of Human LifeEdward Carpenter97
The Art of the PeopleWilliam Morris99
The Culture of CowardiceOuida110
The Psychical Kinship of Man and the Other AnimalsProf. J. Howard Moore121
“London”R. B. Cunninghame Graham134
Is Vivisection Logically Justifiable? Mono Caird139
The Applellate Jurisdiction of the Home Office151
The Claims of Uncivilised RacesH. R. Fox Bourne162
Notes, Reviews, Etc173
Empire: In India and ElsewhereEdward Carpenter193
George Meredith’s WritingsSydney Olivier208
The Feather-FashionW. H. Hudson223
The Schoolboy IdealMary A. M. Marks233
“Too-Roo”: A Drama of Bird LifeW. J. Stillman244
Some Criminal Trials of the XVIII. “Lex”249
A Visit to TolstoyJohn C. Kenworthy262
The Care of Animals in WarfareLaurence W. Pike268
Notes, Reviews, Etc271
Why Do I Love Animals?W. J. Stillman289
Civilisation and the SoldierG. Bernard Shaw298
On VegetarianismElisée Reclus316
The Child CriminalHonnor Morten328
A Ridiculous Parliamentary ReturnHon. Stephen Coleridge331
Charles WatertonAlex. H. Japp336
A Greek Convict PrisonGeorge Ives351
Ibsen’s Latest PlayRev. Conrad Noel358
Invasion of the Lake DistrictCanon Rawnsley368
Notes, Reviews, Etc.373


War at the Century’s EndJ. M. Robertson1
The Mercilessness of “Sport” Laurence W. Pike16
Spurious Remedies for CrimeConrad Noel26
The Annals of a Slum-FamilyCommercial Traveller42
The Game LawsJ. Connell49
The Humanization of the Board SchoolsCharles Sheridan Jones64
Caged BirdsEdith Carrington68
Notes, Reviews, Etc.82
Humane Methods in MedicineDr. E. Berdoe97
Domestic Economy and the Ideal HomeAnnie Cobden-Sanderson125
Pets: My Own and Others’Alex. H. Japp135
Criminal Trails in EnglandAppellant149
Richard JefferiesArthur Harvie162
Notes, Reviews, Etc.177
Cain: A PoemErnest Crosby193
Industrial Women and How to Help ThemIsabella O. Ford196
A Thrush that Never LivedW. H. Hudson208
Games which the Nation NeedsEustace Miles211
Slaughter-House ReformRev. J. Verschoyle221
Herman MelvilleArchibald Macmechan242
The Home Secretary’s Holiday: A Prison Play253
Notes, Reviews, Etc.271
Criminal Law and Prison ReformJoseph Collinson285
A Scheme to Save Specific LifeEdmund Selous289
Robert BuchananRev. A. L. Lilley302
Municipal HospitalsHonnor Morten311
Rights of AnimalsErnest Bell324
Facts about FloggingJoseph Collinson336
Shelley as PioneerHenry S. Salt354
Notes, Reviews, Etc.367


The Ethics of Blood Sportsthe Very Rev. W. R. W. Stephens (Dean of Winchester)1
Ruskin as PioneerW. J. Jupp4
The Howard Association and the Punishment of CriminalsAppellant16
Our Debt to the QuadrupedJ. Howard Moore32
The Calumniated CatMrs. Isabella Fyvie Mayo38
The King Against John Johnston: In AppealT. Baty, D.C.L.44
The Horse and How to Treat HimJ. Connell57
The Economics of HuntingThomas Stanley71
Notes and Correspondence92
Wagner as PioneerMrs. Leighton Cleather97
Imprisonment for DebtAppellant109
The Ethics of SportRev. W. D. Morrison118
Eliza AnneEdward Carpenter130
A Plea for Mercy to OffendersC. H. Hopwood, K.C. (Recorder of Liverpool)140
Giovanni Segantini as a Painter of AnimalsArthur G. Bell150
An Old Eton Institution157
Twentieth-Century BarbarismHoward Williams166
The Poems of John Barlas193
A Talk with Miss Jane Addams and Leo TolstoyAylmer Maude203
A Visit to the Antwerp ZooGeorge C. Williamson, Litt. D.219
A Plea for Manual LabourHerbert Rix227
The Treatment of Natives in IndiaR. Somerville Wood239
The Secret of the MountainsH. S. S.243
The Fate of the Fur SealJoseph Collinson254
The Secret SlaveryHonnor Morten289
Humanitarianism, True and FalseG. K. Chesterton298
The Law of Moses“Lex”303
Collecting Information at the Girls’ ClubIsabella O. Ford314
Roden Noel: PoetConrad Noel320
A New Study of Bird LifeNancy Bell328
Jeanne D’ArcRichard Heath335
Twigs to be BentEllen Tighe Hopkins347
The Bird that Laid the Vaccination EggJ. H. Levy353


Cruelty to Animals and TheologyM. A. R. Tuker1
The Work of Ernest Seton-ThompsonNancy Bell11
The May-FlyEdward Carpenter21
The Safety of SocietyEdith Carrington36
Cattle ShipsI. M. Greg39
An Indian Village TragedyFrancis Swiney56
Bishop Butler on Punishment“Lex”63
The Nature Books of Mr. W. H. HudsonEdward Garnett97
The Vision of Izra: A Bird’s-Eye View of the EarthLady Florence Dixie109
In the Potteries: Sixty Years AgoRichard Heath118
The Death PenaltyHypatia Bradlaugh Bonner125
Object Lessons in WhitechapelCanon Barnett130
Cruelty to Animals and Theology: A Replythe Right Rev. Mgr. Canon John S. Vaughan142
Experiments with the Young CriminalTighe Hopkins155
Edward Carpenter’s Writings160
The Zoological Gardens172
Non-ResistanceAylmer Maude193
Crime and Criminals. An Address Delivered to the Prisoners in the Chicago CountyClarence Darrow209
Henry David Thoreau and the Humane Study of Natural History220
The Philosophy of VivisectionJohn M. Robertson230
Theology versus Humanity: Two Criticisms of Monsignor Vaughan’s ArticleGeorge Forester and E. Tighe Hopkins245
The Democratic Ideal in LiteratureCharles F. Sixsmith255
The War against the SparrowJoseph Collinson267
VivisectionEdward Carpenter289
The Kinship of LifeA Secularist View of Animal’s Rights301
Some Remarks on Crime, Punishment and Disease“Lex”312
Sports Legitimate and Illegitimate SportRev. J. Stratton320
Nature Lessons from George MeredithHenry S. Salt327
A Northumberland Quarryman’s StoryJames Liddle338
Anti-Vivisectionists and the Odium Theologicum343
Flogging in the NavyJoseph Collinson350
The Murder of an InnocentLady Florence Dixie356


The Duties of Man to the Lower AnimalsFrederic Harrison1
The Problem of Habitual or Professional Crime“Lex”11
Convict to Prison MateSydney Olivier24
The Return to Nature25
A Bloodless SportE. Martin Webb35
Cruelty of RacehorsesRev. Henry C. Ricketts42
The Standardisation of SentencesH. J. B. Montgomery47
Sir Leslie Stephen60
Hogg’s “Life of Shelley”65
Individualism, True and FalseH. Stephens76
Two “Pagan” HumanitariansHoward Williams85
Prison Settlements in New ZealandConstance A. Barnicoat97
“Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” A Reply to Sir Robert AndersonH. J. B. Montgomery108
Flogging in the NavyJoseph Collinson123
To NeroErnest Crosby129
Is Blood Sport a Moral Factor in the Training of Youth? Lady Florence Dixie133
The Law of VagrancyAppellant139
The Work of Dr. William J. LongMrs. A. G. Bell149
Humane Slaughtering of AnimalsErnest Bell158
National Defence and PeaceArthur St. John170
The Eton College Hare-HuntF. S. Ross185
Christmas in Gaolan Ex-convict193
The Meat FetishErnest Crosby199
The Solomon and the Rod“Investigator”217
A Lover of Animals: An Anti-Vivisection Play224
De Quincey and His Critics242
Flogging in the NavyJohn Baldwin252


Capital Punishment and ReformCarl Heath1
The Anti-Bearing-Rein MovementErnest Bell13
The Right and Wrong of Non-ResistanceAylmer Maude24
The Horrors of SportLady Florence Dixie36
A Humanitarian Emperer of IndiaMrs. Arthur Bell47
Robert Buchanan as HumanitarianHenry S. Salt54
Are Animals Dumb?62
The Setting of Steel TrapsG. G. Greenwood65
On a Certain Passage of VergilE. S. Shuckburgh, Litt.D.77
Maeterlinck’s “Double Garden” Alex. H. Japp, LL.D.84
“Humanity Dick”Carl Heath95
A Practical PolicyArthur St. John103
The Church Army and CriminalsH. J. B. Montgomery115
Prisons, Police and Punishment“Lex”121
Elisée ReclusRichard Heath129
Two True Yarns of the Royal Navy143
The Minds of AnimalsJames Tonge, C.E., F.G.S.150
Paul Laurence Dunbar as PoetAlex. H. Japp, LL.D.165
The Problem of Habitual Crime“Lex”173
Tramps, Vagrants, and BeggarsJoseph Clayton185
Christmas CrueltiesErnest Bell193
The Great KinshipElisée Reclus (translated by Edward Carpenter)206
Corporal Punishment in IndiaSir Henry Cotton, K.C.S.I.215
Robert Burns as Humanitarian PoetAlex. H. Japp, LL.D.222
The Christian AceldamaHoward Williams230
Pinel and the BicétreCarl Heath238
Flagellation, Past and PresentM. A.244
The Metaphysic of the Larder249


The Eton College Hare-HuntEtonensis1
The Ethics of Corporal PunishmentHenry S. Salt14
The Extinction of CriminalsH. J. B. Montgomery27
“Fifty Years Among Savages”37
The Cruelty of Field Sports: Two Prize Essays45
The Transformation of Young Criminals in HungaryW. H. Shrubsole54
Some Thoughts on WarNemo95
Imprisonment for DebtJoseph Collinson105
The Jewish Method of SlaughterErnest Bell109
Cruelties of the Cattle Trade125
Why do Animals Exist?Ernest Bell129
Humane EducationRev. A. M. Mitchell145
A Note on Leigh Hunt159
The Sportsman at BayHenry S. Salt179
Thoughts in a Meat-MarketGeorge Forester193
Thoreau and the Simple LifeHenry S. Salt202
Taking the Name of Howard in VainH. J. B. Montgomery209
Snake-Feeding at the “Zoo”226
Decline of Vegetarianism in CeylonA. K. Coomaraswamy233


The Question of Criminal AppealJ. Scott Duckers1
The Work of the Humanitarian League12
Ernest Crosby12
The R.S.P.C.A. a Criticism23
The Punishment of First OffendersH. J. B. Montgomery34
Some Eighteen-Century HumanitariansHoward Williams43
John Burroughs as Nature-Lover49
Some Fads in Penology“Lex”65
The Abattoir QuestionC. Cash75
Human Waste in the Dress TradeM. E. Robinson85
How to Reform our Prison SystemH. J. B. Montgomery92
A Friend of ShelleyW. E. A. Axon113
The Secret of the Reptile House121
Imprisonment for DebtAppellant129
Mr. W. H. Hudson as Bird-Lover142
The Sufferings of Animals in IndiaLabhshanker Laxmidas149
Jottings in JailMargaret S. Clayton157
A Plea for Mountain SanctuariesMonticola167
What is Humanitarianism?178
The Death Penalty189
Is it Lawful to Hunt Tame Deer?George Greenwood193
Farmyard Vivisection198
Flogging at Manchester Grammar SchoolBradley Hall205
Have Animals Rights?219
The Delaware Whipping-Post237
The Death PenaltyHoward Williams and Cosmo G. Romilly242


The Beast of Prey, View from an Æsthetic StandpointM. Little1
“The Law on its Trail”Carl Heath7
Humanitarianism and Food ReformE. J. Hunt15
Bernard Shaw as a Humanitarian29
Cruel SportsRev. J. Stratton35
James Thomson, The Eighteenth-Century Poet of HumanessHoward Williams44
The Sermon on the Mount (According to Scotland Yard)H. J. B. Montgomery53
Religious Sacrafices in India63
The Flogging Outbreak in CardiffW. J. Roberts65
InterpretersM. Little76
A Plea for the Honest DebtorJoseph Collinson89
On VivisectionSir J. H. Thornton103
The “Ultima Ratio” of the Secondary SchoolTheta111
On the Poets and their Love of AnimalsEdgar Syers116
“Sane Surroundings for the Insane” E. Bury121
Biblical Vegetarianism124
The Prevention of Crime Bill“Lex”129
The Poet of PessimismHenry S. Salt141
Lawlessness on the BenchJoseph Collinson148
Milton as a HumanitarianHoward Williams160
Whipping in IndiaHiralal Chakravarti172
Some Recent Publications: Crime and its Treatment Carl Heath183
Some Recent Publications: Big-Game Butchery189
The Legend of Rousseau’s ChildrenFrederika Macdonald193
The Sacredness of LifeM. Little211
Dr. Johnson as a HumanitarianW. E. A. Axon221
Savage Sport at Eton225
How to Kill Animals HumanelyEdith Carrington237
Access to MountainsHenry S. Salt247


The Plumage BillJames Buckland1
Sir Robert Anderson’s Theological PenologyH. J. B. Montgomery11
Purgatory and Charnel-HousesRev. Henry C. Ricketts22
The Flogging of VagrantsJoseph Collinson31
The Blessing of SportMaurice Adams49
Anna Kingsfordthe Editor58
Thomas PaineCarl Heath65
In the Prisoners’ Waiting-Room at Bow StreetJoseph Clayton74
A Religion of SufferingM. Little83
Some Thoughts on LucretiusHenry S. Salt94
Martyrs of CivilisationJ. Howard Moore105
An Open Door at ConstantinopleRev. S. Udny112
A Lost Leaderthe Editor121
ShelleyDouglas Deuchar129
The Treatment of PrisonersRev. W. Douglas Morrison130
Bird-Caging and Bird-CatchingErnest Bell145
A Diplomatic CorrespondenceTh. Baty157
“The Lucky Pig”M. Little167
Irregular Punishment in Elementary SchoolsRobert Henderson175
On Animals (From the French of Abel Bonnard)181
J. F. Newton’s “Return to Nature”the Editor187
Francisco FerrerCarl Heath193
Humanitarian in the SchoolsJ. Howard Moore198
Mary Wollstonecraft and Woman’s EnfranchisementMargaret S. Clayton205
The Pit PonyFrancis A. Cox219
Imprisonment for Debt“Lex”230
The Humanities of VergilHenry S. Salt239
Concerning Cannibalismthe Editor247