Garrotting and the Lash

Garrotting and the Lash

Sir,–May I point out that you are in error when you state that garrotting was “entirely suppressed” by the lash? As an occasional crime, garrotting has never been entirely suppressed; what was suppressed was the famous outbreak which took place in London in 1862. This, however, as has been officially certified, was put down by the ordinary law, several months before the Flogging Act of 1863 was passed.

Again, when you speak of “robberies with violence occurring every day,” you are evidently unaware that for nearly fifty years this crime has been punishable with flogging. If, at the end of half a century, an offence which has had this sovereign remedy prescribed for it is of daily occurrence, I cannot think that the fact indicates that the lash is the best of deterrents. Yours, etc.,

Henry S. Salt.
Humanitarian League, 53, Chancery Lane, W.C.,
November 13th.

The Academy and Literature, Vol. 83, November 23, 1912, p. 686

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