The Bible and Vegetarianism

The Bible and Vegetarianism

To the Editor of THE VEGETARIAN

SIR,—What has the inspiration or the non-inspiration of the Bible to do with the food question, and why should Mr. T. J. Everard try to raise the old religious controversy between orthodox and unorthodox Vegetarians? Having more than once protested against what has been called biblical Vegetarianism, I must equally protest against this attempt to sue the Vegetarian platform for the advocacy of free though. The Vegetarian cause is a common ground on which food-reformers of all religious persuasions should be able to work together; but this can only be done by mutual toleration and forbearance.

Mr. Everard’s references to the chapter on “Bible and Beef” in my “Logic of Vegetarianism” are entirely misleading; but as he himself avows that he “does not feel capable of expressing himself very clearly,” I will not trouble you on that point.

Yours faithfully,
Henry S. Salt
53, Chancery Lane, W.C.

The Vegetarian, Vol. XIV No. 6, February 9, 1901, p. 60