In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Mr. H. S. Salt

A statement of faith written shortly before his death was read at the cremation at Brighton yesterday, of Mr. Henry S. Salt, founder of the Humanitarian League, who died at the age of eighty-seven.

“Names are very liable to be misunderstood,” Mr. Salt had written. “When I say that I shall die as I have lived, a Rationalist, a Socialist, a Pacifist, and a Humanitarian. I must make my meaning clear.

“I wholly disbelieve in the present established religion, but I have a very firm religious faith of my own—creed of kinship, I call it—a belief that in years yet to come there will be a recognition of the brotherhood between man and man, between nation and nation, and between human and sub-human, which will transform the state of semi-savagery as we have it into one of civilisation.”

The mourners included Lord Olivier.

Unknown, April 23, 1939