The Logic of Vegetarianism

The Logic of Vegetarianism

“The Logic of Vegetarianism,” Essays and Dialogues. Revised and abridged edition, By Henry S. Salt. London Vegetarian Society, 8 John Street, Adelphi, W.C.2. 12mo., pp. Vi, 54, illustrated.

More than a generation ago Mr. Salt, who was then, and still is, a vice-president of The Vegetarian Society, wrote The Logic of Vegetarianism, and he has now revised and abridged it. Mr. Salt’s object was to prove the logical soundness of vegetarian argument, and so well written and so clever and logical was his book that it immediately ranked with the best of vegetarian propagandist literature.

The present abridgment has been made by omitting several chapters which Mr. Salt presumably considers less important or less necessary at the present time, and a couple of chapters have been added, the total making a book about half the size of the previous edition. It is an excellent book which all vegetarians should read, but it should not displace from the vegetarian’s library the earlier editions for the omitted chapters are still of value. There is a word on the first page which has missed revision. Mr. Salt writes: “the propaganda carried on for the last fifty years.” The “fifty” should be “eighty,” for thirty-three years have elapsed since Mr. Salt wrote the paragraph, and his book has been a not unimportant factor in vegetarian propaganda during that period.

E. A.

The Vegetarian Messenger and Health Review, January 1933, p. 36