Bob Anderson, My Beau

Bob Anderson, My Beau

[Tune: "John Anderson, my Jo."]
Dedicated to Sir Robert Anderson, K.C.B., author of "Criminals and Crime."

Bob Anderson, my Beau, Bob,
What means this fell intent
To lock for life in prisonThe thieves who won't repent?
Is it that you yourself, Bob,
Were robbed long years ago?
Ah, blessings on your frosty heart,
Bob Anderson, my Beau!

Bob Anderson, my Beau, Bob,
If Scotland Yard could tether
In one vast cage the thieves, Bob,
Of all our towns together,
Still from your crimeless land, Bob,
New crops of crime would grow;
For wealth itself creats its thief,
Bob Anderson, my Beau.

H. S. S.

Justice, January 11, 1908, p. 7