Mr Facing Both Ways

Mr Facing Both Ways

When the Huntsman claims praise for the killing of foxes,
Which else would bring ruin to farmer and land,
Yet so kindly imports them, preserves them, assorts them—
There's a discrepance here that I'd fain understand.

When the Butcher makes boast of the killing of cattle,
That would multiply fast and the world over-run,
Yet so carefully breeds them, rears, fattens and feeds them—
Here also, methinks, a fine cobweb is spun.

Hark you, then, whose profession or pastime is killing!
To dispel your benignant illusions I'm loth:
But be one or the other, my double-faced brother,
Be slayer or saviour—you cannot be both.

Henry S. Salt

The Vegetarian News, 1925, p. 159